quinta-feira, 1 de abril de 2010

There was a girl

There was a girl
Staring with her blue eyes
Seeing the world around her
Especially the guys

One of the guys said:
“I love your blue eyes, as far as I can see”
The girl answered:
“Come and stare with me”

Then the guy said
“That was just one of my lies
I don’t love you
Or your blue eyes”

The girl started to cry
And rivers of water blown
From her blue eyes
Making the guy drown

In the end there was just a girl
Staring with her blue eyes…

Que poema mais parvo, mas apeteceu-me

2 restauros:

Bruno Gizmo xP disse...

parvinho mas engraçado x'D

Rinkatodokuta disse...

Adorei! Parti-me a rir :P